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Something More Precious Than Words [One-Shot]

Title : Something More Precious Than Words
Pairing : Yama
Rating : PG-13
Genre : Drama, Fluff, Romance
Disclaimer : I think, Arashi is basically Johnny's eh? XD
Summary : Ohno was never good with words,but sometimes, he was willing to try
A/N : This was supposed to be Sho's birthday fic, kind of, but I'm always late in everything anyway so yeah /shamelessly posted it anyway. Will be working on the series after this! I'm sorry for any mistakes, and comments will be loved, as the usual! <3

“I’m sorry Satoshi, but I really can’t see you tonight.”

Of course.

To say that he was disappointed was not even close; it was almost like you’ve been waiting for your dad to come back from a war, only to be told that he couldn’t come back because there were some emergencies or such – you knew that it was his job, that he were giving it their all for the country, but you couldn’t help but wanting him to be there for you, despite all the odds.

And that’s how exactly Ohno was feeling right now – no, his dad had never went for a war, so maybe he was wrong, but due to some kind of documentary he had watched the night before, Ohno couldn’t help but thinking that what he was feeling right now was pretty close to that. A little bit exaggerating, maybe, since it has only been like, what, a month or so since the two have some alone time together.

But Ohno, the oh-so-carefree-Ohno, thought that it was way too long, and his patience was running thin.

He couldn’t say anything about it though; after all, Sho wasn’t completely his. Sho have his own family, his individual works, his friends, his fans, and even though Ohno has been granted the title as Sho’s lover, he still thought that he didn’t have any right to keep Sho away from them. Well, usually, Ohno wouldn’t even give a damn if Sho wanted to go on a vacation with his friends for days – he considered it as his own vacation instead, relishing in the fact that he could do everything that he wanted to without his lover’s tight supervision.

But it has been a month – a full, one month without a time to be alone together. They still see each other when Arashi needed to do some filming, but even then they weren’t completely alone, and Sho was so busy with his new drama and also for a big event that he needed to cover as a newscaster; so really, Sho couldn’t add Ohno into the things that he should paid attention to in between his works as newscaster and an idol. But Sho, being a gentleman and a caring boyfriend he was, had told Ohno beforehand that he’d be so busy for maybe a month, and he asked Ohno to understand that he wouldn’t be able to care for Ohno like he usually did.

At that time, Ohno had foolishly dismissed the matter; it was just a month, for God sake, and they’ve been together for so long that Ohno was almost sure that this kind of thing wouldn’t break them up – if anything, Ohno looked a bit forward to it because that means he’d be able to act freely, since Sho was even more protective than his mother.

A week passed by, and Ohno was still fine. They still called each other at night, and there were some mail exchanged too, and since Ohno still could see him at works, he was fine with the whole thing.

But he started feeling weird on the third week.

They still called each other, the mails were being exchanged too, and they were still being friendly at works – the thing with them was that they didn’t like PDA, and so they tone it down at workplace, even when there were no one but Arashi in the green room – but it wasn’t enough at all. With every call, Ohno wished that Sho would talk longer; even just a minute longer would be good enough. With every mail, Ohno wished that it’d be the kind that Ohno could reply without thinking about it much, the kind that could continued on throughout the day – Ohno didn’t even care if he was about to send 50 mails a day, if that means Sho’d think about him more. With every meeting or filming, Ohno wished that it’d last for a long time, because that was the only way to spend time with Sho, the only way to touch Sho shyly, even if it was just holding hands together for a minute or less.

Then finally a month passed, and Ohno went all the way to stay close to Sho even when they were being filmed; it was so uncharacteristic of him, but Ohno was…well, he was pretty much desperate. All those calls and mails wasn’t enough for him anymore, and they weren’t seeing each other as much as they used to, much to his annoyance. Maybe Sho noticed that Ohno was missing him, something that Ohno wouldn’t say out loud, and so when the filming ended Sho brought him all the way to the green room, way ahead than anyone else, and he hugged him.

Just a simple, loving hug, but Ohno found himself clinging to Sho, with Sho patting his back softly and telling Ohno how much he missed him; Ohno missed him too, but he couldn’t say it, like the usual, no matter how much he missed him too.

“Just another week and I’ll be done.” Sho whispered gently to his ears. “After that, I’ll sleep over at your place, okay? And then the next day we’ll go on a date or something.”

“Okay.” Ohno whispered back. “Okay.”

And just like that, Sho left for his next work. Ohno thought that the hug would do wonders to him; maybe it’d make him satisfied or something.

But oh boy, he had never been so wrong.

The hug, as simple as it was, made Ohno unconsciously craved for more. He wanted to be touched more, wanted to be able to just walk up to Sho and hug him and take in his manly scent and just –

He also wanted to be kissed, and it was all thanks to Nino and his evil mind. Knowing full well that Ohno was grumpy because it has been awhile since he last be with Sho, he had persuaded Ohno into watching a drama with Aiba and Jun too, and that drama turned out to be a romantic one. At first Ohno didn’t care much about it, but then the couple in the drama kissed, and Ohno had stared blankly at it when the thought suddenly occupied his mind.

I want to be kissed by Sho.

He had never felt that way before; Ohno was the passive one in their relationship, and he had never asked for a kiss, a hug, even more for sex. Usually it was Sho who initiated it, and Ohno was always on the receiving end; he had asked Sho before if it was okay, but Sho had told him that it was, because he loved Ohno, and he knew that Ohno loved him too, even though he hardly ever said it. For Ohno, saying or doing something like that was far too embarrassing, and he was glad that his boyfriend understood without Ohno had to explain anything.

But now that he knew exactly what he wanted, Ohno started feeling weird – he was becoming more spacey and all, and all that he could think about was ‘he wanted to be kissed’ or ‘he wanted to be touched by Sho’.

And so, being so out of character of him, Ohno one day finally walked up to Sho before the younger man left again for his works, and he blurted out, “Can I see you tonight?”

Sho had blinked, probably surprised that his boyfriend has outright asked him, before then he scratched his head apologetically. “I’m not sure, Satoshi.” His boyfriend said tentatively. “I don’t know when my works will be over tonight.”

Probably seeing how disappointed Ohno was, Sho finally added, “But I guess I’ll finish sooner than the usual. I’ll come over when I’m done, okay? I promise.”

That was all it took for Ohno to smile so widely again; he was so excited, and he even went all the way to cook for Sho, because he had noticed that Sho was losing weight, and Ohno didn’t want to be the only chubby guy in their relationship.

So really, when Sho told him that he has to work overnight and he couldn’t see Ohno, to say that he was disappointed was belittling how he actually feels.

“Satoshi?” Sho’s voice snapped him out of his daze, and Ohno tried to focus himself on the phone call again. “Satoshi, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Ohno quickly said, but of course it wasn’t okay; he spread his gaze on the table that was full of foods, and he wondered if it’d all fit on his refrigerator. “Next time then.”

“I really am sorry.” Sho sounded really apologetic, but it was rushed, like he couldn’t wait to hang up despite how much Ohno loved to hear his voice. “It’ll be over soon, maybe in the next few days. And after that we’ll go on a date, okay?”

“Sure.” Ohno replied, but he had decided that he wouldn’t get his hope high; those ‘next few days’ that Sho promised could turned out to be another full week after all. “Ganbatte, Sho.”

“I will. I love you, Satoshi.” And without waiting for any answer, Sho hung up. Ohno finally let out the heavy sigh that he has been holding in, before then he moved to clean up the tables and put the food in the refrigerator instead.

‘Only a few days’, he told himself. ‘It’ll be over soon’.

So Ohno braced himself. He didn’t even know anymore when Sho works were going to be over, and he didn’t bother to ask. A few days passed and soon it’d be a week, and Ohno still found himself alone in his apartment, watching the TV aimlessly, before then Sho showed up on TV. His boyfriend was looking tired, but he forced himself to sound energetic as he interviewed some people. He watched how Sho laughed, how Sho listened to every story that the other tell, and even though Ohno was proud of him for being such a responsible hard worker, he wanted Sho to –

He wanted Sho to be with him.

He wasn’t sure how long he has been asleep or when did he even fell asleep on the sofa, but then he heard someone ring the bell; the bell sounded so distant at first, like it was his neighbors bell or something, but then Ohno finally realized that it was his bell that was ringing, and after groaning out loud, he finally pulled himself up and headed to the door. Without bothering to check who it was that come to see him at night, Ohno opened the door.

And a huge bouquet of white roses greeted him.

Ohno blinked at the roses in front of him, wondering if it was some kind of a prank or something, but then a face peeked from behind the huge bouquet of roses, a face that Ohno had missed so much. “A delivery for Ohno Satoshi-sama.”

He could only gaped as Sho then appeared with his huge smile, offering the bouquet for Ohno to hold. “I’m sorry that I can only give you this.” Sho said then as Ohno finally took it, feeling the weight of the roses and the heavenly scent that intruded his nose. “I wanted to give you lily, but they only have this at such hour – I’m surprised that they’re still open, to be honest.”

“No, this is…This is beautiful.” Ohno said; it was pretty hard to say so; not because he didn’t like it, but more because he was so happy that Sho was here, and he even bothered to buy him flower. “But you were on TV just before…”

“Yes, but I finished sooner than I expected so I rushed here to see you.” Sho said gently. “And since I don’t have work until tomorrow’s evening, I think we could have a sleep over tonight, and maybe go out for a lunch tomorrow?”

Ohno grinned widely as he opened the door wide enough for Sho to slip in. “That sounds perfect.”

Sho grinned back, and then the both of them get inside Ohno’s apartment; Sho helped him put the roses in a vase, and Ohno was glad that Jun was considerate enough to give him a vase before because Ohno wouldn’t even thought of buying one. They arranged the flower together, but Sho eventually give up because he just ended up messing the arrangement, and he watched Ohno doing it instead while sitting on the table.

“Have you eaten?” Ohno asked softly as he arranged the flower inside the vase.

“I did.” Sho replied, and it was clear that Sho was fighting back his sleepiness, because he was blinking rapidly now. “They prepared bento for me on the location.”

“Do you want to take a bath then? I can prepare the hot water for you.”

Sho seemed to be thinking, but even so Ohno could see that bath wasn’t appealing to him at all, and so once Ohno was done with the flower arrangement and he still didn’t get any response from Sho, he hold his hands and pulled him up without much resistance. “Just go change your clothes and brush your teeth then.” Ohno told him when Sho blinked at him. “Let’s just sleep for tonight.”

Sho nodded, and Ohno made sure that he really brushed his teeth with the toothpaste and not the lotion, and Ohno even helped him changed his clothes. Once he was done, he put Sho on the bed and then he climbed in right beside him; Sho seemed like he was about to fall asleep at any moment, so Ohno pulled the bed cover over them, and then he scooted over to Sho.

Well, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to be clingy once in awhile.

So, Ohno snuggled to him, and when Sho didn’t retract himself, he shyly put his head to rest on Sho’s chest, one hand draped across his well-toned body. Suddenly Sho turned to face him, and he hold Ohno close, kissing the top of his head while he did so. “It’s rare for you to get so clingy with me.”

“I missed you.” The words slipped past his mouth before Ohno could stop it, but even then, the words were so true, and so he thought it’d be okay to say such things once in awhile, even more when Sho looked so happy. “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too.” Sho whispered contently; he then let his fingers brushed Ohno’s cheeks, as gentle as he could, and they stared into each other, the first time after a while, and suddenly, Ohno felt at ease. It was like all his worry and anxiety dissolved into nothing, like the whole month from before never existed, and all that mattered was that Sho was there, with him.


“Sho-chan?” Ohno called him, but his voice wasn’t even higher than a whisper, as if he was afraid that it’d break the moment they have now.


“Kiss me.”

Those two words seemed innocent enough when Ohno said it, but he could felt his face burning when Sho stared at him like Ohno just told him that he was pregnant or something; he knew how weird it’d be though. He had never even ask for a hug, so for suddenly asking for a kiss like that –

Sho’s lips were suddenly on his.


It felt pleasant and nice to have Sho’s smooth, plump lips on Ohno’s, and Ohno found himself clutching to the front of Sho’s shirt as he kissed back. There wasn’t anything fiery about their kiss; it was just a simple kiss, lips moving against lips slowly, taking their time in feeling each other. There were gentle nips here and there, minty breath mingling with each other, soft caresses on each other’s skin, and Ohno felt like he was flying. It felt heavenly to do this – Ohno wasn’t even thinking of having sex or to deepen the kiss. Just kissing sweetly and unrushed like this was so nice, and the kiss conveyed how strongly they felt for each other. Ohno could even feel that Sho was trying to tell Ohno of how much he missed him, of  how much he loved Ohno, and Ohno loved it because words were never his specialty, and if Sho could show that much without words, then he was sure that he could do that too.

And so, between their kisses and caresses, Ohno could only hope that Sho could understand how much Ohno had missed him, and how, for the past weeks, Ohno could only think of him.

It seemed Sho did though, because then Sho was smiling, and Ohno couldn’t help but smiling too. Their kisses ended like that; both of them couldn’t stop smiling after all, and this time Sho rest his head on Ohno’s neck, breathing in his scent. “I’m surprised.” Sho spoke after a while then. “I didn’t expect you to ask me to kiss you.”

“Is that so weird of me?” Ohno asked back, fingers went up to massage Sho’s scalp.

“No. It was nice, actually.” Sho replied, and even though Ohno couldn’t really see him, he knew that Sho was smiling. “And I love to continue this, but I can barely keep my eyes open.”

“It’s okay. We still have tomorrow after all.” Ohno said boldly, and he could hear Sho’s little giggle. “We have plenty of time tomorrow.”

Sho tilted his head up, and after kissing Ohno’s lips chastely, he smiled widely. “Perfect.”

Maybe it was because of Sho’s soft snores that filled the room, or maybe it was also because Sho was holding on to him like he was his lifeline, or maybe it was because the fact that he was finally here – Ohno finally fell into a deep sleep for the first time after the torturous month, and when he woke up, he was smiling; because how could he not when he wake up beside the one that he loved the most?

Brushing Sho’s fringe out of the way, Ohno kissed Sho’s forehead softly,

“I love you.”

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